The Product is a one-of-a-kind mass transportation
intelligent Personal Entertainment System [iPES], with a high-quality product, unparalleled service, and a unique stakeholder partnership model. will provide customers on mass transportation systems with high-definition, on-demand, personal entertainment, including:

  • Hit movies from several genres and languages
  • Trailers and promos for upcoming movies
  • Prominent TV serials
  • Popular music
  • Games
  • Books and Newsletters
  • Internet access (limited)

Key features

  • Personal touch screen for each passenger
  • Ability to pause, play, stop, forward and rewind content
  • Pay-per-view functionality
  • Specialized anti-theft measures
  • Low maintenance
  • Latest technology – software based on Google's Android, the world's most popular mobile platform
  • System plays only legal, licensed content

Benefits to Eco-System

Fleet Owners

  • Differentiated fleet of buses resulting in increased occupancy
  • Offers a compelling entertainment service for customers leading to increased customer satisfaction
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Content owners

  • Ability to serve legal, licensed content to a captive audience, and reduce piracy
  • Streams high-quality content to passengers, using the latest technology
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  • High-quality personal entertainment on long duration regional travel
  • The journey becomes enjoyable: Passengers are not disturbed by the entertainment needs of others.
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